Betting Strategies

Tips for Betting: Roulette is a Game of Chance

betting-01Many players try to develop some form of strategy when they bet on live or online casino games. These strategies may help them win back their bet and make a nice profit for the night. These strategies are fine to use as well as a person has some money management skills. When the player starts to feel overly confidence in their strategy that is when trouble with it begins.

What is a betting strategy?

The Martingale system from the 18th century is one of the most famous systems that has been used. This system suggests that a player should double their bet experiencing a loss at a game such a Roulette. If the player has unlimited money this would eventually work. There is no such thing as an unlimited amount of money and the casino may have some limits set as well. Some casinos have a maximum bet rule. Many players are looking for new strategies to help them win. They try anything from negative bettering to following a number sequences. In most cases these strategies do not work.


If a player keeps making the same bet so many times eventually it will turn out okay. For example on a roulette wheel if a person bets on black sooner or later it will turn up. If a player keeps doubling their bet they will be able to make up for their losses. The player believes that their winning was overdue. Each time the roulette wheel spins the odds are exactly the same.

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Casino betting can be compared to playing the lottery. Many people play the same number every day. Players believe their number sequence will eventually come out. The lotto and the roulette ball have no memory. The chance of a certain number coming out are the same every pick or spin.