The Blackjack Strategies that do not work

Black JackThere are plenty of places that provide advice on the best strategies to use to win at blackjack. The majority of this advice does not seem to mention whether or not such strategies actually work. I shall now put that right.

As a quick rule of thumb if you are playing 21 and somebody describes a strategy as a system then it is not going to work.

Be wary of Progression Systems

In theory at least Progression Systems sound a good idea. Yet you should think again. At best such systems will only work for a short period of time. Eventually the odds will catch up with you possibly wiping out any previous winnings. Your prospects of winning or losing would be similar if you just left it to chance.

Eventually the only thing that using Progressive Systems will do is lose you all of your money.

Here are systems best avoided, and why they should be avoided.

Martingale System

This system is well known, and deeply flawed. The basic idea is that every time you lose a bet you double your stake for the next time. The problem is that you can soon use up all of your bankroll. You have to win big as small amounts will not recuperate your loses. Avoid the system, especially vou can only play with a modest bankroll.

The Reverse Martingale

Instead or doubling bets when losing you double your stake when you are winning. It is still a means of throwing away your bankroll.

Take out insurance

Taking out insurance is when you assume that the dealer has a card worth 10 or higher. If you take it out the best odds you get for winning are 2 to 1, yet a dealer on average should only have a blackjack four times out of 13. Insurance is not worth the effort.

Never go bust

This is another flawed strategy as players that concentrate on never going bust often miss their best chances of beating the dealer.