Blackjack strategies

The Blackjack Strategies that do not work

Black JackThere are plenty of places that provide advice on the best strategies to use to win at blackjack. The majority of this advice does not seem to mention whether or not such strategies actually work. I shall now put that right.

As a quick rule of thumb if you are playing 21 and somebody describes a strategy as a system then it is not going to work.

Be wary of Progression Systems

In theory at least Progression Systems sound a good idea. Yet you should think again. At best such systems will only work for a short period of time. Eventually the odds will catch up with you possibly wiping out any previous winnings. Your prospects of winning or losing would be similar if you just left it to chance.

Eventually the only thing that using Progressive Systems will do is lose you all of your money.

Here are systems best avoided, and why they should be avoided.

Martingale System

This system is well known, and deeply flawed. The basic idea is that every time you lose a bet you double your stake for the next time. The problem is that you can soon use up all of your bankroll. You have to win big as small amounts will not recuperate your loses. Avoid the system, especially vou can only play with a modest bankroll.

The Reverse Martingale

Instead or doubling bets when losing you double your stake when you are winning. It is still a means of throwing away your bankroll.

Take out insurance

Taking out insurance is when you assume that the dealer has a card worth 10 or higher. If you take it out the best odds you get for winning are 2 to 1, yet a dealer on average should only have a blackjack four times out of 13. Insurance is not worth the effort.

Never go bust

This is another flawed strategy as players that concentrate on never going bust often miss their best chances of beating the dealer.

Betting Strategies

Tips for Betting: Roulette is a Game of Chance

betting-01Many players try to develop some form of strategy when they bet on live or online casino games. These strategies may help them win back their bet and make a nice profit for the night. These strategies are fine to use as well as a person has some money management skills. When the player starts to feel overly confidence in their strategy that is when trouble with it begins.

What is a betting strategy?

The Martingale system from the 18th century is one of the most famous systems that has been used. This system suggests that a player should double their bet experiencing a loss at a game such a Roulette. If the player has unlimited money this would eventually work. There is no such thing as an unlimited amount of money and the casino may have some limits set as well. Some casinos have a maximum bet rule. Many players are looking for new strategies to help them win. They try anything from negative bettering to following a number sequences. In most cases these strategies do not work.


If a player keeps making the same bet so many times eventually it will turn out okay. For example on a roulette wheel if a person bets on black sooner or later it will turn up. If a player keeps doubling their bet they will be able to make up for their losses. The player believes that their winning was overdue. Each time the roulette wheel spins the odds are exactly the same.

Video: Chuck Temple – Blackjack Betting Strategy

Casino betting can be compared to playing the lottery. Many people play the same number every day. Players believe their number sequence will eventually come out. The lotto and the roulette ball have no memory. The chance of a certain number coming out are the same every pick or spin.

Advantages of Learning Blackjack Strategies

When looking for a way to make money and have fun at the same time Blackjack is a great choice.

The Money

While Blackjack is played by many people purely for the fun entertainment it provides, others play with the goal of making some money along the way. For those turning to Blackjack as a source of income, having some skill and expertise in the game is imperative. One of the best ways to increase your chances of winning is to understand the ins and outs of the game i.e. strategies. Once you have a good mastery of the strategies of Blackjack the odds of winning rather than losing are stacked in your favor. Played regularly a person could make a nice side income, and those who play very seriously can make a full time living. Taking the time to learn the techniques and strategies of Blackjack will pay off in the long run, and provide the player with an opportunity to enjoy some of the financial benefits of winning regularly.

The Entertainment Factor

Playing Blackjack is a great way for many people to spend their free time. For some it is considered a hobby, while others will spend hours learning and practicing, honing their skills so they can master this very challenging game. The best ways to improve your Blackjack playing skills is to play as often as you can and challenge yourself constantly. While people playing mainly for the entertainment of Blackjack the money they win is a nice little bonus. Another side bonus to playing Blackjack on a regular basis is that it can cause your reasoning and calculating skills to improve.

Winning or Losing

If you were to ask any Blackjack which they enjoy more, winning or losing, it is very unlikely that they would say losing is more enjoyable. The more you practice and improve your skills the higher the chance is that not only will you keep the money you sat down with but also take home a tidy little sum of the casino’s money too. Getting to this point is not something that will happen overnight. If you want to win far more often than you lose you will need to dedicate yourself to learning the strategies and techniques of a good Blackjack player.

Gambling in itself offers people a thrill but many forms of gambling rely on pure luck. Playing Blackjack takes skill and technique to win more often than you lose. Entertainment and money are just two of the reasons for learning Blackjack. For most players those reasons are enough to keep them coming back time and time again to the table.